Chowgule Real Estate and Construction Company create beautiful residential and commercial spaces for the local and global community. The idea of existing in Goa and the rest of India should be well designed and structured and that is one of the many goals of CREC.

With over 50 years of existence and successful construction work done for industrial, hospitality, commercial and residential business domains, CREC has an extensive bouquet of clients and projects they have associated with such as industrial sheds, heavy machinery workshops, distilleries, canals, beautification plants, hospitals, schools, office building in Bangalore, officers Colony for the navy, staff quarters for the navy, commercial and housing complex at Miramar, housing complex at Calangute, Paithona, Gadegal and warehouses at Gadegal.

Jaywant Y Chowgule
Mr Jaywant Chowgule is involved in all aspects of development, including site selection, architectural design review, construction, marketing and management.
Jaywant Y Chowgule
Jaywant Y Chowgule
Mr Pramod Deshpande, Chartered Accountant, is the professional financial analyst and is responsible for procuring project financing, developing joint ventures, establishing project budgets, and reviewing legal, tax and financial analysis and debt of the company.
Pramod Deshpande
Jaywant Y Chowgule
Mr Niteen Sant, Consulting Engineer, providing technical support to the project team for successful execution of projects
Niteen Sant

CREC’s mission is to make the buying of real estate as cost effective as possible while maintaining a fine level of service. Further on, to provide accurate and up-to-date information, skilled scrutiny and comprehensive real estate advice. Not to forget, incessantly reconnoiter new ideas and technology to better create spaces CREC is well known for.

Our vision is accelerating the transformation of CREC as one of the most prosperous and game changing Real estate developers and associated services provider in the world. An eccentric team and an ornate set of values enable the smooth operations in its 50th year of existence and assist the company to a swift yet stable journey to achieve the goal.

The CREC philosophy, unique in the industry in Goa, focuses on creating a comprehensively conducive living environment for each new community.

This approach demands successful integration of all aspects of the project design, including architectural design, interior design and landscaping. We are thoughtful of the environment, meticulous of every input and never leave anything to chance.